Newborn Sessions


The birth of a new baby is a wondrous thing. There are so many unique moments to treasure in the first few days of a precious new life. As a professional Newborn Photographer, my aim is to capture those truly timeless moments and help preserve your family’s unique and special story.  Capturing those moments with photographs you’ll love and treasure forever. Please scroll through this page to see some the Frequentyl asked asked questions

At Nicola Ellen Photography, each newborn represents a brand new opportunity to create loveable memories. We love providing clients with special photographs they’ll treasure forever, and we use only the highest quality equipment to ensure your images are stunning. Whether you’re looking for a professional shoot or you’re looking for something more casual, simply give us a call to get started.




Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to photograph my little one?


The best time to photograph your little one is when they are between 4 -10 days old. During these early days, babies are much more sleepy, making it easier to put them into those beautiful curled poses. But, please don't worry if your little one is older than this. Due to the restrictions that we have had, I have captured beautiful images of babies that are 12 weeks old. Yes, we even managed to get a couple of sleepy shots too.

How long will my session last?


A newborn session can last from 2 - 4 hours depending on your baby. I like to allow time for any feeds or changes and of course refreshments for you all. I like to allow plenty pop time in these sessions so I only book one newborn a day. I like to think that the sessions are also your opportunity to have some time to relax and have a little bit of needed down time. I always suggest bringing magazines, iPads or just sit and enjoy watching memories being captured of your little one, 


Can my other children be included in the photographs?


Yes absolutely. If the siblings are young, I normally suggest that we juggle the session by capturing your family and sibling images first. After this, your other children can relax or sometimes it works well if a relative is available to take the children to a local play park whilst we finish the session. I always recommend Badgers Hill farm. A free farm near the studio, where you can buy drinks and food and see some gorgeous animals.

When do I book my session? 


To guarantee your newborn session, I suggest booking when you enter your last trimester of pregnancy.

When I take your booking, we put your due date as a provisional date. However, knowing that babies don't always like to arrive on time or like to keep us on our toes and arrive earlier than expected, I keep enough dates available in each month. Once your little one arrives, we then book your session at the next convenient slot.

Before each session, I like to discuss via email or phone the details of your shoot, such as timings, types of shots, numbers attending the session etc.

What happens at my session?

At your session, I will take a variety of shots including family, sibling and individual posed photographs of your little one. I will pose your baby using a selection of my wraps, outfits and props, which will be available to look at before the shoot begins. Please feel free to bring along any small sentimental items you wish to be included in the photographs (for example teddies or blankets).


When do I get my photographs?

Within three weeks of your session, I will contact you to select a date and time to view your images. The viewing will take place back at my studio, where you will be able to look at the images in mounted prints on display.  All of my newborn packages include prints and downloadable images. I offer a variety of packages and also have a beautiful wall art to add to your package - these can all be viewed at my studio.

For more information on prices and packages, please click on the 'Let's Talk' button and get in touch.