Maternity Session

Having a baby is an amazing nine month journey that soon passes you by. Nicola Ellen Photography can offer a maternity photoshoot that can capture the beautiful memories of that journey, so you can enjoy looking back and remembering the experience long after your little one has arrived. An opportunity to even share those special moments with your children when they are older. 

I LOVE empowering women, helping them to see how beautiful they are - to me, maternity sessions are ALL ABOUT THE MUM! Let’s celebrate everyone’s beauty whilst capturing some amazing memories. Memories to even show that little one when they are older and show them exactly just how much of a super woman their mum is.

Read on to find the answer to some of those FAQs that are often asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when will my shoot take place?

Maternity photoshoots take place at an agreed location or at my home studio and are best booked when mums-to-be are at around 32-36 weeks.


Can siblings and partners come to my shoot?

Yes, siblings and partners are more than welcome to your shoot. The day is about making memories and celebrating the beauty that is you on this amazing journey.

How long will my session last?

The sessions can last from 1-2 hours and can be just for the couple expecting or can also include any siblings of the new arrival. ​

Are there different packages to choose from?

Coming soon! A new price list for maternity with downloads and prints. 

For more information on prices and packages, please click on the 'Let's Talk' button and get in touch.